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"Big Sur In Motion" is a forty minute visual
depiction of the beauty found
in Big Sur, California.


Let yourself go.......
You just might find yourself.......

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Clouds   Diver
Seal Barge   Dripping Moss
Moonlight and Rocks   Dripping Moss 2
Seal Look   Fire Close Up
Floating Sunset Fog   Fire Close Up 2
Evening Sea   Grasses
Red Water Streams   Great White Shark
River Water Moving   Prospero
Evening Coastline   Jelly Group
Spray, Rocks, and Birds   Puzzle Jellies
Dripping Moss   Short Puzzle Jellies
Water Sparkles   Sideways Jellies
Streaming Water   Seal Climbing
Close to the Fire   Sea Turtle
House on the Hill   Summer Grass
Diver   Swimming Minnows
Jellies Moving   Water Sparkles
Great White Shark    
Puzzle Jellies    

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